Working papers

Avery JJ, Oh D, Cooper J (in preparation) Criminal stereotypes of Muslim and Arab Americans and the impact on evaluations of ambiguous criminal evidence.

Martinez JE, Oh D, Todorov A (in preparation) Immigrant face-ism: documentation statuses evoke distinct visual stereotypes.

Ferrari C, Oh D, Todorov A (under review) Learning the affective value of people: more than affect-based mechanisms.

Oh D, Shafir E, Todorov A (invited revision) Economic status cues from clothes affect perceived competence from faces. [Preprint] [Data] [Stimuli]



Oh D, Dotsch R, Porter JM, Todorov A (in press) Gender biases in first impressions from faces: Empirical studies and computational models. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General. [Preprint] [Data] [Stimuli]

Oh D, Buck EA, Todorov A (2019) Revealing hidden gender biases in competence impressions from faces. Psychological Science, 30(1), 65-79. [Paper] [Preprint] [Data] [Stimuli]

Oh, D, Wang S, Todorov A (2018). 300 random Asian faces. figshare. Fileset. DOI: 10.6084/m9.figshare.7361270 [Stimulus Set]


Conference Abstract/Posters

Oh D, Porter JM, Dotsch R, Buck EA, Todorov A (Mar 2018) Revealing gender biases in first impressions. 2018 University of West Australia, ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders, Person Perception Workshop. Perth, Australia. [Abstract]

Oh D, Porter J, Dotsch R, Buck EA, Todorov A (Mar 2018) Revealing gender biases in first impressions. 2018 Society of Personality and Social Psychology Annual Convention. Atlanta, GA. [Poster]

Carr EW, Oh D, Brady TF, Winkielman P, Todorov A (Aug 2017) First impressions of happiness are biased by how average people appear. 2018 Academy of Management Symposium. Atlanta, GA. [Abstract]

Oh D, Porter J, Dotsch R, Todorov A (Oct 2016) The structure of female face evaluation is simpler than male face evaluation: Empirical studies and computational models. 2016 NY Social and Affective Neuroscience Meet-Up. New York, NY.