(2/28/2018) DongWon Oh gives a talk at Neuroscience and Social Decision Making (NSDM) series at Princeton University. The talk series was started in 2003 by Josh Greene and Jon Cohen to explore research at the intersection of neuroscience and the social sciences. Some speakers in the past have been Michael Inzlicht, Kevin Ochsner, David Amodio, Randy Buckner, Joe Kable, Jason Mitchell, Mauricio Delgado, Daphna Shohamy, Lila Davachi, Jamil Zaki, and Angela Duckworth. More recent speakers have been Meghan L. Meyer (Dartmouth), Brent Hughes (UC Riverside), Pranjal Mehta (U Oregon), Emile Bruneau (UPenn), Luke Chang (Dartmouth), Ana Gantman (Princeton), Becket Ebitz (Princeton), and Ryan Stolier (NYU). Recently the series has been more geared towards hosting junior faculty members and other young researchers in cog/social neuroscience and decision science.